Parami Energy Oil & Gas Block Map


Parami Energy Development, one of the organizations of Parami Energy Group of Companies, takes care of oil and gas exploration task.

Parami Energy Development aims to be a leading energy player of oil and gas upstream sector and to become a regional and international exploration company in this arena.

Parami Energy Development has a dedicated and experienced E&P Team of over 15 people, comprising of Geologists, Geophysicist, Drilling & Production Engineers and Logisticians to take care of exploration and production activities in Myanmar. The team has deep understanding of the oil & gas fields of Myanmar.

Prospective Resources

  • Gas : 831.80 BSCF
  • Oil & Condensate : 154.15 MMBO

Exploration & Development (Mining)

  • 100% Medium-size Mine Magnesium Di-oxide Probable Reserve 20,000 MT
  • 100% Medium-size Mine, Bentonite Probable Reserve 100,000 MT