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Parami Energy provided emergency relief to people regardless of their race and religion in the affected areas as and when relief are needed.

In business, we walk extra mile to bring extra income. So that our CR@Soul team can engage in more socially responsible programs. Our policy is not to donate through third parties to provide aids. We are proud of being able to have our motivated employees directly interact and help the people face-to-face.

Disaster Relief

  • Tharpaung Township, Ayeyarwady Region (20631 Flood victims)
  • Sittwe & Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State (Fire victims)
  • Upper Myanmar & Ayeyarwady Region (2015 Flood victims)

Water Donation

  • Hopone Township, Shan State (Artesian well donation)
  • Kawkareik Township, Kayin State (Access to clean water system)
  • Parami has constructed a new concrete bridge for Kammarite village group, Kawkareik Township on March 2014 so that villagers can cross the Kammarite creek safely by using that new bridge even in the monsoon.
  • Since Parami has successfully done the tube well for Kyone Doe hospital last year, patients and staffs are no longer worry for shortage of water in the summer. Additionally, not only the hospital but also it’s neighbourhood can share the clean water after installed a new water purification system contributed by Parami.
  • Likewise, Parami has contributed another water purification system for Nabu High School, northern part of Kawkareik on April 2014 so that all students and teachers are safe from threaten of infectious disease by mouse.

Private Sector Initiative

ASEAN Economic Community Workshop Series:

  • Series 1: Preparations For AEC in Myanmar (Yangon)
  • Series 2: AEC Alert – Investment, Transport and Services (Yangon)
  • Series 3: AEC Brainstorming – Tourism, Logistics, SMEs and Free Flow Of Investment (Yangon)
  • Series 4: Preparation Needs For AEC (Mandalay)
  • Series 5: Supporting Needs For SMEs (Yangon)
  • Series 6: Preparation Needs For AEC (Mawlamyaing)
  • Series 7: Preparation Needs For AEC (Hpa-an)
  • Series 8: Step Towards AEC (Mandalay)
  • Series 9: AEC Alert (Myingyan)
  • Series 10: AEC & Myanma Motion Picture Sector (Yangon)
  • Series 11: AEC Grand Workshop (Yangon)
  • Series 12: Kayin State: Gateway for AEC (Myawaddy)
  • Series 13: Knowledge for AEC (Yangon)
  • Series 14: AEC Opportunities & ICT Challenges in Mandalay (Mandalay)
  • Series 15: AEC Knowledge (Yangon)
  • Series 16: AEC and Media (Yangon)