PARAMI ENERGY GROUP OF COMPANIES applies Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) procedures to prevent all potential accidents, or incident or diseases which may occur as a result of work by all workers.

We stress importance of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection laws to avoid the unnecessary costs and damages to our business caused by workplace injury and illness.

We strictly emphasize the safety-first in all our work places since it is critical to the success of your business, no matter what size it is. So that accident-free working environment could be achieved.

Main Objectives

  • Policy and procedure
  • Accident Risk Data
  • Risk Reduction Mechanism

Occupational Health Policy and Procedure

We care about our workers and put in place the occupational health and policy procedures with respect to health, safety and environment such as: pre-employment medical check- up, manage safe working environment, hygiene catering environment, accident emergency plan, first aid facility, smoking hygiene and consumption of alcohol and drug.

Occupational Safety Procedure and Policy

We manage occupational safety as follows:

  • Providing and maintaining workplace, plant and system of work.
  • Providing and maintaining personnel protective equipment as require.
  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure safe system of work.
  • Ensure that nominated personnel safety personnel are adequately trained and supported
  • Consulting and cooperating with safety and health representatives, employees and others
  • Continuously reviewing and improving its safety performance.
  • Environmental Protection Procedure and Policy
  • We are very much concerned not only the working environment but also our emphasis is stressed on environment protection in order not to have harmful impacts on the environment.
  • After environmental examination if the situation warrants it will be followed by the environmental assessment. We take further action based on the findings to implement environmental management to mitigate the undesirable impacts on the environment.
  • We emphasize to comply with the procedures in order to maintain good working environment that is healthy, safe, hygiene and free from environmental pollution.