<Released 2 July 2014>

2013 has been a meaningful year for Parami in CSR. We have now set realistic targets to enhance our CSR efforts in 2014 and beyond.

First, we conducted AEC workshops to support the overall growth of Myanmar, in the hope that more educational awareness can be reached across less developed provinces in Myanmar, i.e. Mawlamyine, Mon State, HpaAn, Kayin State, etc. We felt that its meaningful for more people to be aware of the integration aspects of AEC, not just for trade but also for cross-cultural exchanges. Parami is committed to supporting our people and government to enable effective inter-agency collaboration amid changing times. We have set up a website www.aec.com.mm that enables more knowledge sharing and conducted workshops that reached out to universities, government agencies as well as NGOs (See below reports for details).

Another key CSR effort is our commitment to improve educational support for Monastic schools in Myanmar’s rural areas. Parami has been supporting monastic education schools in Myanmar and reached states including remote villages in the Kayah State. We support these schools by donations (about USD 13,000) in kind for teacher development, building construction and “experience-sharing” events with the hope to motivate students. Separately, Parami is also concerned about the environment and have made a commitment to plant 500,000 trees all over Myanmar before 2015. As of July 2014, 300,000 trees have been planted in the Kayin State with more trees in be planted within the same state. This plan is a joint effort of the Kayin State government, Nippon Foundation and Parami.

In the following reports, we have listed more details on our donations and CSR efforts to assist people in the rural areas. We hope that with these efforts, more synergy can be created with civil society groups to uplift living and development standards.

 Parami CSR policy (English)

Parami’s CSR activities for 2013