Parami Energy Group of Companies (Parami Energy) is proud to be the green and clean corporate citizen of Myanmar, with dedication to societal and environmental development as part of our corporate social responsibility policy.

At Parami Energy, we believe business brings not only profit, but also helps to develop society and environment. To motivate ourselves we introduced a program, called Corporate Responsibility@Soul (CR@Soul) for our employees.

Under CR@Soul, Parami Energy is committed to support one third of monastery education in Myanmar and to plant 500,000 bio-diversified trees throughout the country in order to conserve the greener environment by 2015. We also provide access to clean water and electricity to villages and hospitals in the remote areas.

Social Development

Parami Energy provided emergency relief to people regardless of their race and religion in the affected areas as and when relief are needed.

Educational Development

Parami Energy has supported the monastic education in Mandalay, Yangon, Ayeyarwady Regions and Shan and Kayin States.


Parami Energy is committed to protect the environment through a green policy by planting as many as 500,000 trees throughout the country by 2015.

Health, Safety and Environment

Ensuring health and safety for all our employees is one of our priorities. At Parami Energy, we apply HSE policy and procedures to prevent all accidents and diseases.


CSR Reports

Parami Energy CSR Policy and reports.