Corporate Social Responsibility

Parami’s vision is to become Myanmar’s ethical energy company. Accordingly, our framework for effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond profit maximization and beyond philanthropy. We address the core dimensions of CSR through strong policy measures in our operations and through systematic social initiatives.

For Parami, Corporate Social Responsibility is
a framework for ethical governance, but it is also an approach to engage with communities.

We understand CSR as our ethical responsibility to abide by structured and transparent measures of conduct in our management and operations. This means we go beyond the basic boundaries of compliance as outlined by local laws. Our standards of operation are aligned with international criteria, and we are committed to a zero corruption policy as well as a strong human rights policy.

 CSR is also a powerful means to create positive social investments with our profits.  Parami’s range of social initiatives fall under CR@Soul (CorporateResponsibility@Soul). This umbrella CSR initiative also includes programs that are run through our Pyin Nyaw Daya Initiative and the Parami Round Table Group. Through these programs, Parami has improved education access to underprivileged rural youth, sponsored extensive reforestation projects, donated funds for disaster relief, and encourages social-business enterprises.

If you have any questions about our governance policies, operational standards,
or philanthropic endeavors, please contact our CSR department at

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We implement a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and execute a human rights policy guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Impact Initiative.

Parami enforces a robust health, safety, and environment (HSE) policy, our employees are guaranteed fundamental labor rights, and they have the right to petition for redress of grievances.

Corporate Responsibility @ Soul

CR@ Soul

We dedicate our profits to a range of initiatives through CorporateResponsibility@Soul. Through CR@Soul, Parami inspires a fundamental shift in the role of business in Myanmar.

The Myanmar government encourages local businesses to dedicate a percentage of profits to community development, a commitment that Parami takes seriously.