We uphold our reputation for integrity in all our business.

We will do the right things and go with straight forward approach to our stakeholders. We are honest and open and act impartially, treating all people with dignity and respect.

Health & Safety

We are firmly committed to maintaining our environment in a safe and healthy in all our business units and on each of our projects.

We recognize that industrial safety and environmental safety are essential to the successful achievement of our long-term goals key to our reputation.


We derived from our professional approach to the work we do. To us, this is not only signifies honesty, but more our approach to our relationships and is central to our decision making process.

We put emphasis on integrity as a necessary attribute to being successful “partners in business” not only with our clients but also our own employees.


We are conscious of the impact of our work on the environment. Our mission is to improve quality of living for low-income children and adults, particularly those living in under-served urban and rural areas.

We provide support for monastic education and access to clean water and solar lighting to those areas. We are committed to plant 500,000 trees in the country by 2015 and aim for sustainable development.