It is Parami’s vision to become Myanmar’s ethical energy company.

Established in 2004, Parami began as an engineering-service provider, but quickly grew into the Parami Energy Group of Companies. Our group of 10 companies are centrally managed in Yangon, Myanmar, with an office in Singapore. Parami’s main businesses are now in Oil & Gas, Construction, and Power, but we also work in the tourism and event-planning sectors.

Our core values as a company include integrity, professionalism, and sustainability.

As a wholly-owned Myanmar company, we are committed to transparent relationships and take pride in our selective international partnerships. Senior management have been strong advocates of responsible energy in Myanmar, and we implement international standards and strong governance measures in our operations.

Parami Energy is committed to furthering business projects that are socially and ecologically responsible.

We abide by international standards, partner with reputable corporations, and have a zero-tolerance for corruption. We use our profits as a powerful means to create positive social investments. Parami supports rural electrification, tube wells, and water purification schemes. The Group provides teacher salaries and educational support for a vast network of monastic schools, sponsors reforestation projects, and encourages sustainable business models. Our CSR projects aim to inspire a fundamental shift in the role of business in Myanmar society.


Senior Management

Ken Tun founded Parami in 2004 and oversaw its growth into a variety of sectors. His areas of expertise include finance, steel and cement industries, oil field support services, and oil and gas exploration, production, and development.


Our Values

Parami’s approach to projects is professional and enthusiastic. To us, this signifies honesty and sincere commitment.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we do business with our partners, customers, and employees. It’s the bedrock of our corporate values and ethics.